Meristem Co-op Membership Application

926 S Rose
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Our Membership Process

1. Submit this online application.

2. Our current members will review your application and contact you.

3. We will invite you for a dinner/interview session to get to know you better and allow for questions on both sides.

4. After the interview, our current members must come to a consensus on accepting you. 

Things you must know

  • At Meristem, you may be living and working alongside people from diverse religious, racial, sexual, cultural, political, social, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Members are required to contribute 6 hours of work to the house per week and attend weekly house meetings
  • Members are charged $450-500 per month, which is due promptly at the end of each month. This includes all costs: rent, food, utilities, wireless internet, common supplies and use of washer/dryer.
Enter in the form "XXX N. Rainbow St., Apt. XX"
Please, indicate your meal preference.

I understand that If I join Kalamazoo Collective Housing, I will be responsible for completing my work requirements, attending mandatory meetings, as well as paying all of my deposits and fees owed to Meristem. I accept that I will be jointly responsible for the well-being of Meristem Co-op.

I authorize Kalamazoo Collective Housing to obtain or exchange personal information with any personal information agent establishing or verifying my financial standing.

Please, input your full name to indicate that you understand this application and wish to apply for membership at Meristem Cooperative.