Guides and Forms



Education Fund Request (pdf)
Education Fund Request (doc)
Members of KCH can use this form to request money for learning opportunities related to co-ops.

Group Process

On Conflict and Consensus (pdf, 99 pages)
A Handbook on Formal Consensus Decisionmaking
by C. T. Lawrence Butler & Amy Rothstein

Basics of Consensus (pdf, 4 pages)
from NASCO

The Basics of Group Decisionmaking (doc, 4 pages)
from NASCO

Leadership and Training

Competencies necessary to exercise effective leadership (pdf)
A complete list of critical leadership qualities

Member Recruitment and Retention (pdf)
from our 2008 workshop

Ready to Train? How to Design Successful Community Workshops (pdf)
The basics of popular education theory and training design

Words that Work: Messaging for Economic Justice (pdf)
From the SPIN Project



Working for Social Justice as an Ally (pdf)
Handouts from our 2008 retreat

We're all in it together (pdf, 24 pages)
An ally's resource to fostering anti-racist, community-positive space in housing cooperatives

Types of Oppression (doc)
A handout with descriptions and examples of various levels of Individual, Institutional, and Cultural Oppression.

Anti-Oppression Resources (doc)
A lists of books, websites, and other readings about anti-oppression action and related materials.

Fabric of Oppression (doc)
This table outlines eight types of oppression: Racism/White Supremacy, Sexism, Gender Oppression, Anti-Semitism, Religious Oppression, Heterosexism/Heterocentrism, Classism, Ableism, and Ageism. It serves as a useful introduction to the forms that oppression takes in the U.S.


Housing Models

Shared Equity Homeownership (pdf)
A detailed report from the National Housing Institute


Lead-Based Paint

Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home (pdf)

Proteja a Su Familia Contra el Plomo en el Hogar (pdf)


Emergency Assistance

Kalamazoo Emergency Services Guide (pdf)
Local resources for housing, utility, and cash assistance for low-income and homeless people.



Nonviolent Communication Reference Materials
From the Bay Area Nonviolent Communication website

Four Parts of Nonviolent Communication
From the Center for Nonviolent Communication


Mental Health

Building community mental health support systems (pdf)
Handouts from our 2009 retreat


And More

Much more is available at the NASCO Shared Resources Library.